American independent and specialty rental companies are now enjoying the benefits of adding Toolsharer to their business. This new business approach offers a way to simplify transactions and increase customer flow at the counter saving staff valuable time. Contractors, DIYers and Construction Companies are demanding efficiency tools to smooth daily operations. With every new rental customer pre-authenticated, Toolsharer removes the need for excess paperwork making the rental process quicker. Staff are free to focus on important tasks, like safety training! Toolsharer brings in happy customers and more of them! It's a no-brainer. Also...

  • Reduce customer time at the register (Rentals are pre-paid)
  • Improve depot efficiency
  • Increase depot capacity
  • Boost profits
  • Better planning with pre-paid rentals and deliveries

Toolsharer offers independent rental companies new walk-in business from local contractors

Traditionally the slowest part of the transaction process once the tool is selected for rent has been ID verification and payment, especially when it comes to verifying new customers..
Toolsharer simplifies the transaction containing all in one easy to use app. Rental companies are able to focus on preparing tools and equipment for collection or deliver to directly to site.

Rental Protection on every rental

Every tool rental on Toolsharer is protected by our partners at Great American Insurance Company protecting tools from everything up to damage and theft (When platinum protection is selected). This protection is designed to protect owners from lost profits due to downtime from damage and theft while providing renters with the peace of mind that comes with protection.

We are passionate about connecting tools and equipment rental opportunities. We also wanted to ensure owners were protected. With Toolsharer all tools are covered by protection with our partners Great American InsuAll renters are real and ID is verified before any transaction takes place. You can choose to accept or reject the rental subject to equipment availability.

Free to use

One of the biggest challenges with any brick and mortar business is getting customers. Toolsharer takes some of the hard work out of getting customers by acting as your technology marketing partner. Think of Toolsharer as your marketing assistant exposing your inventory to local construction companies and contractors. Best of all, you pay nothing until tools and equipment are rented on the platform. So, it's risk free marketing for your business.
Typical marketing costs for a retail business can be as high as 20% of revenue. Toolsharer takes a percentage of all rentals to cover platform costs and marketing. We consider Toolsharer a PAYG (Pay as you go) marketing tool for independent rental companies. You pay nothing until you rent.

Toolsharer removes mundane tasks at the counter so you can provide additional service